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Moriting offers a team of experienced professionals who will provide clients with unique, tailor-made solutions.Our directors' and managers' collective experience is vast. Most have served for many years as directors and managers of some of the largest corporations and life assurers in South Africa. This experience and expertise, driven by our vision, greatly enhance the value that fund members ultimately receive.

Our vision encompasses an honest desire to help fellow South Africans. When we started this business, we had a vision of helping fellow South Africans get more value from their pension and provident funds. Today, this is truer than ever. We have achieved this vision through innovative services and flawless delivery.

From trade unions to the public service, members have experienced our passion for adding value. Corporate clients are similarly delighted by the unprecedented value they receive.


Moriting is a majority black owned company and a level 1 BBBEE contributor.

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Moriting has been operational since 1999. In 2008 the business was repositioned and Moriting Wealth Managers was established by combining the vast experiance and resources of both Moriting Employee Benefits and Moriting Life Administrators. This has resulted in the same people who were previously involved in the day-to-day running of the organisation, now owning all the shares. The shareholding is 64.1% black-owned.


Shareholding Structure:

  • Putso Investment Holdings 38.6%
  • BNK Investment Holdings 25.5%
  • Anchor Financial Services 25.9%
  • Ampowa 10%


Stock Appreciation Rights (SAR)

This business requires high calibre employees.  The Board has adopted SAR as its plan to attract, retain, motivate and reward eligible employees who are able to influence the performance of the business, on a basis which aligns their interests with those of the Company's shareowners.  The rights and obligations of such participation are expressly set out in the main plan.