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All organisations and companies are about people. This is also true of Moriting. But people need the right tools to do their jobs.

Our tools are our systems. 


Responding to Client Needs

Should changes to a benefit structure be requested, these can be discussed and, on agreement, instructions effected immediately, subject only to negotiated delivery times.

Our system has the added benefit of providing fund trustees with all the necessary information to enable the smooth running of their fund. In addition to storing all member and fund records and history, the system can generate reports in any requested format. The system is also able to provide communication material at the push of a button.

A key feature of the system includes the fact that the complete audit trail is maintained electronically. In addition, both member and financial data are integrated electronically, and therefore always in sync.

Moriting's administration system can accept data from various salary systems as well as download member information for record management, valuation and reassurance purposes.

The system is able to integrate inputs from various sources and present the client with one integrated and updated record and contribution management facility, as well as provide magnetic tape records to banks, enabling bulk member payments such as during large scale retrenchments.


Access & Transparency

One of the most sought-after features of our system is its ability to provide authorised staff with instant access to all relevant fund information and enable employers to track the status of any transaction. 

This feature enables fund trustees, principal officers or HR officials to make direct enquiries on behalf of members and to compile management reports that were previously slow to obtain. Administrator standards and promises are easy to track, and compliance can be measured through direct remote access.


Flexible Systems Platforms

The system is written in a fourth generation programming language called FLEXGEN and uses the ISAM and BTRIEVE database managers. It can communicate directly with other database handlers such as C-ISAM or any SQL database, meaning that it can interface with any salary system currently available in South Africa and makes the seamless transmission of member data possible.

The system can run on a number of platforms, including MSDOS, Unix and Novell. It is currently set up to run in Windows NT.