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Client Focus

At Moriting, we believe that the diverse nature and membership of most funds make personal and dedicated service an imperative.

Our staff are organised around portfolios ensuring the maximum opportunity for client relationship building. The dedicated administration and servicing teams report directly to the General Manager Operations on all matters and, while the teams are directly accountable to the fund Trustees, each portfolio is also supported by a Senior Administrator and Administration Manager.

Once the "implementation phase" is complete, we allocate the necessary dedicated staff members to administer your fund. If required, extra resources will be allocated to ensure a smooth switchover from the previous administrator. This administration team is responsible for the day-to-day running of funds, including collection of member data, management of contributions, benefit payments, and ensuring that all legislative requirements governing administration are met.

It is important that all changes to the fund are communicated to all parties. Therefore, Moriting also provides a dedicated client-service executive (CSE) to attend to all client communication and interaction. Naturally, close co-operation with the Trustees, Chairman and Principal Officer is important to the success of this function. Most funds have unique histories and diverse memberships, and are required to be transparent, and the job of the CSE is to ensure high-quality, cost-effective communication.

The Account Executive is ultimately responsible to the Trustees for all service level agreements pertaining to secretarial services, communication, general consulting and re-broking. His function is to deliver all contracted agreements and tasks expected of him by the Principal Officer and Board of Trustees. Boards are encouraged to rate his performance on an annual basis and to provide feedback. In this sense, the Account Executive works directly for the fund. This function is Gauteng-based, but local Client Servicing Executives are appointed in other regions for day-to-day fund interaction where necessary.

Each person dealing with your Fund will be clearly identified and made known to everyone concerned. We also incentivise our staff with bonuses and other forms of recognition to ensure that standards are maintained that are above client expectations and industry norms.