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Subscribing to an umbrella fund means that members are able to pool and share costs like banking charges, actuarial services, consultancy fees, administration, indemnity insurances, taxes, and investment charges. The administration of umbrella funds is handled by the fund providers, in this case Moriting. Administration is legally required to conform to certain requirements. 

The Moriting Umbrella Retirement Fund is governed by a board of trustees, which includes an Executive Director, Executive Manager, an independent actuary as well as appointed independent trustees. These trustees have all been chosen for their extensive skills and impressive track records.


What do you want from a retirement fund?
One of the most attractive benefits that employers can offer is a retirement fund. In fact, benefits of this nature have become so intrinsic to the South African working environment that they have become a standard part of employee's remuneration packages. Often however, both employers and employees are dissatisfied with their retirement fund arrangements. Where umbrella schemes are involved, it often happens that a loss of identity is perceived - by both employer and employee. Because of the nature of umbrella schemes, if funds or members have special needs or requests, these are often treated as non-standard and are either refused or queued for later action.


Personal service and good governance
All the benefits usually associated with large, privately administered, audited retirement funds are available to small and medium sized employers. The Moriting Umbrella Retirement Fund is ideally suited for small to medium sized employers who place a high premium on value for money, state-of-the-art administration, service excellence and good fund governance. Fund members who value regular, understandable statements about their fund's benefits and investment performance and friendly, efficient service will also find that a Moriting Umbrella Retirement Fund suits them.


A choice of investments
It is essential that the assets of every employee benefit fund are well managed. Good management includes investment in a secure portfolio of assets to ensure the best possible returns. Different funds, however, have different investment needs, depending on factors such as size, maturity and the philosophy of the fund management.