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Moriting Family Funeral Fund

Sending off our loved ones in a dignified way is what characterizes our moral fibre. The Moriting Wealth Funeral Scheme is designed to demonstrate this human characteristic by placing us in a position to bury our parents, children, siblings and others seamlessly.

The Funeral Fund provides you with a real guarantee that money for the cover you chose, will be available when the darkest moment strikes. We did market research in order to establish what the needs of our members are.


Benefit and premium Structure

The core Premium covers:

  • Member and spouse.
  • Up to 6 children under the age of 21.
  • Up to 4 adult dependent .
  • Grandchildren, nieces and nephews are excluded.


Premium Table

Premium R40 R60
Member R15 000 R20 000
Spouse Cover R10 000 R20 000
Own child, aged 14–21 R10 000 R20 000
Own child, aged 6-14 R5 000 R16 000
Own child, aged 1-5 R3 000 R10 000
Stillborn R1 250 R5 000


Additional Dependents:

  • Additional dependents may not exceed the age of 70 years for inclusion.
  • A maximum number of 4 additional dependents may be added.
Premium Additional Dependents
R26 R38
Benefit R5 000 R10 000